Degrees and Certificates to Help You Grow in Christ

An Academic Journey for Disciple-Makers

Unlike traditional Bible colleges, we aren’t interested in propelling men and women along career paths. Instead, we built our programs to help you become an exemplary servant in your local church. Start with one certificate—stay for the full master’s degree.

  • 1. Start With a Certificate.

    Complete 4 Courses

  • 2. Continue Into a Bachelor’s.

    Complete 8 Courses

  • 3. Finish With a Master’s.

    Complete All 12 Courses

Our Programs

Master of Christian Ministry (MCM)

Complete All 12 Courses

Take all twelve Grimké College courses and receive a well-rounded theological education toward a whole life of faithful ministry.

Bachelor of Christian Ministry (BCM)

Complete 8 Courses

Complete eight courses and you’ll earn a bachelor’s, gaining skills necessary to handle God’s word and serve confidently in Christ’s church.

Certificate in Biblical Studies

Complete 4 Courses

Start Grimké College on this track and you’ll survey the entire Bible, aquiring tools for faithful biblical interpretation.

Certificate in Christian Ministry

Complete 4 Courses

This certificate trains you in all things disciple-making. These courses are designed to aid your growth in spiritual disciplines, worldview thinking, and your ability to share the gospel with others.

Certificate in Theology

Complete 4 Courses

Start your journey with this certificate if you want to drink deeply of systematic theology. More than other Bible colleges, you will focus on the centrality of the gospel and the church to Christ’s mission.

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