Free Books for Every Student

Books are a significant cost of higher education, turning even affordable degrees into heavy burdens on students. With Grimké College, every book is yours for FREE.

We’ve partnered with Logos to give you access to every book in our curriculum—all for FREE.

Logos is a highly rated Bible study platform, trusted by pastors and professors all over the world. Your digital library will be connected to all of Logos’ Bible dictionaries, commentaries, lexicons, and other study tools.

Immediate Access

Don’t waste time looking for the best deals on used books or waiting days (or even weeks) for books to ship. As soon as you begin a new class, your free books will be ready to read immediately from anywhere.

Seamless Integration

Our digital learning experience is fully integrated with your Logos library, linking you directly to the week’s reading in the Logos app.

A Permanent Digital Library

These free books are yours for a lifetime. Jumpstart your personal theological library or enhance your existing one, all without taking up precious shelf space.

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