The Grimké Experience: A Better Way to Learn

Residential degree programs remove Christians from the place God designed for their maturation—the local church. Grimké College students don’t need to wait until graduation day to put their education into practice. Church ministry isn’t merely the degree’s goal, it’s part of the curriculum.

Each eight-week course combines elements of online learning with in-context ministry . . .

Weekly Announcements

Faculty members will touch base regularly to encourage you and clarify the week’s assignments and expectations.

Theological Reading

Carefully curated texts will expose you to the best teachers in the history of the church—old and new—to help you better understand and apply the Scriptures.

Round Table Discussions

With each course, you’ll hear from Grimké’s pastor-theologians make sense out of the subject matter and gain practical insights in a casual, conversational format.

Practical Ministry Assignments

Grimké College courses include formal, practical assignments, designed to build experience in evangelism, communication, spiritural disciplines—like prayer—and more in your ministry.

Pastoral Coaching

Each course is organized to include touchpoints with your pastor/mentor to help reflect on and apply what you learn in class.

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