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Grimké College was designed to help you grow as a leader without leaving your church.

On Demand Theology for

Online. On demand. In your context.

God designed the local church as the theological residency program for church leaders. Grimké College trains men and women in-context for ministry in the local church.

Master’s-level theology. No Bachelor’s Required.

Quality theological education is all but out of the question for the nearly 70% of Americans without a bachelor’s degree—especially those in urban contexts.

At Grimké College we’re making the very best theological education available at a shockingly low cost to serve men and women in everyday Christian ministry.

Master of Christian Ministry (MCM)

The MCM offers practical theology for men and women who want to become more effective leaders in their local churches.

Experienced Faculty

Our professors are all pastor theologians—godly men, qualified through practical ministry experience and academic rigor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our staff is here to help you find answers to all your questions about Grimké College.

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