Accessibility: Made for Every Christian

While other programs are cost and experience prohibitive, all our programs—including the Master of Christian Ministry (MCM)—are truly accessible.

For Everyone Called to Lead

Grimké College is built for recognized leaders in gospel-believing local churches. If your church has empowered you to lead others, we want to help you become a more effective disciple-maker.

No Academic Prerequisites

Unlike many Bible colleges, we don’t want to exclude any Christian from attaining a ministry-enhancing degree. By keeping academic standards high and barriers low, we make robust theological education available to all without distinction.

Graduate Debt Free

Most colleges and seminaries alienate the vast majority of Christian men and women due to extreme financial demands. We’re commited to keeping tuition low to serve, not hinder, ministry. As a result, our entire program costs lest than one semester at most colleges.

Made for Those Who Need it Most

Many in the country’s urban, inner-city, and rural communities simply cannot attend—let alone relocate—to an expensive Christian college, even on scholarships. We aim to serve godly men and women in America’s hard places with the very best theological education.

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