Training Men and Women in Context for Ministry in the Local Church

A New Approach to Theological Education

We offer students an opportunity to pursue master’s-level theological training while strengthening their current service role in their local church.

  • Online

    We use online learning to provide a well-rounded theological foundation that immediately enhances your ministry.

  • On Demand

    Students take each course one at a time, at their own pace—focusing on their on-going service in the church.

  • In Your Context

    Students serve with mentors in their local churches and learn to apply what they learn in class.

How is Grimké College different?

Real Theology

Historic Orthodoxy for Hands-on Ministry

All well-rounded, Christ-centered theology is practical theology. All theology at Grimké College is aimed toward a greater love for Christ and hands-on service to his mission through local churches.

Unparalleled Flexibility

Start and Finish on Your Own Terms

Our one-course-at-a-time approach is designed to enhance, not overshadow, your ongoing service to the local church. Start a new course immediately or three months later, whatever your season of ministry requires.

Immediate Impact

Become a Better Leader Now

Discipleship doesn’t wait for graduation day. Your church is made up of real people with real lives. At Grimké, you’ll gain weekly, actionable insights to aid your ministry right now:

  • Confidence in the Bible
  • Leadership Skills
  • Discipleship Stategies
  • Worldview Analysis
  • And much more . . .

Robust Academics. No Prerequisites.

Accessible for Every Christian

At Grimké College we’re making the very best theological education available at a shockingly low cost to serve men and women in everyday Christian ministry.

Ready to Get Started?

We’ve made getting started as simple as possible. Join Grimké College and become a more effective Christian in your local church.

  • 1. Apply Online

    Fill out the form and enroll into the Grimké program.

  • 2. Choose Your Start Date

    No other school has flexible start dates like Grimké. New courses start weekly.

  • 3. Begin Your First Course

    Start your first course whenever you’re ready—as soon as the following Monday.

“We need a reformation around the primacy of the church.”

—Bryan Laughlin, CEO of Grimké College

The Grimké Name

Francis James Grimké (1850–1937)—a former slave—faithfully pastored 15th Street Presbyterian Church in Washington D.C. for over five decades. Grimké embodies the model theologian—one who displays a love for Christ through a life of ordinary, faithful ministry in the local church.

What We Believe

Grimké College holds to the creedal and confessional history of the church as expressed in the Protestant Reformation and the church planting movements that issued from it. For this reason, we affirm the Foundation Documents of the Gospel Coalition.

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